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Cloudflare - How to enable DNSSEC

cloudflare Mar 2, 2024

DNSSEC provides an extra layer of security for DNS queries to your domain. It adds a layer by signing DNS queries which makes it difficult to spoof. Enabling this important to your domain as it ensures your domain's DNS isn't spoofed by any malicious party.

So, lets see how to enable this in Cloudflare.

Firstly, login to your Cloudflare dashboard and go to your website. Now click 'DNS' section's drop down arrow in the left panel and choose the second option here named 'Settings'


Here, Choose 'Enable DNSSEC'. Once you click this, you will be prompted a new pop-up where you will be shown various parameters as below.

Now, Login to your domain registrar and look for DNSSEC option. Copy and paste the required fields to add a DS record in your registrar.

Common instructions are provided by Cloudflare here

Once you have added the DS records, it takes a couple of hours for it to be active on Cloudflare. Once it is active, you can verify the status in Cloudflare dashboard. It should look similar to this

BOOM !! DNSSEC is now active on your domain 🎉