Hey there! 👋 I'm Chandan, Creator of Sleepy' Notes. I am a Linux System Administrator, who has genuine interest in Homelabbing, Self-hosting, Open-source software and been eyeing to get my own home-servers. As of now, I own a Cloud VPS and cheers to Oracle Cloud for providing free servers in their Always Free Tier, I am able to host my stuff on both of them. I am OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) Certified Architect Professional and have experience on AWS, Digital Ocean as well. I recently got RHCSA certified 🎉 and always keen in learning, trying out new stuff on my servers.

Here I post my notes on how to I started my Journey, how this website is hosted and other stuff which I have knowledge of and hope to maintain this as a good, helpful resource to anyone who needs knowledge on Homelabbing, Self-hosting

I also genuinely care about Privacy and Security. My concerns about Privacy have led me this way to self-host my needs and use them as alternative to Proprietary software. Maybe its time you also think about Online Privacy and Security as you are reading this.

I hope you find something useful!